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On Sunday the 7th of August 2011 Pastor Izaias dos Santos hosted a very blessed campaign entitled “The prophecy with promise and with Jesus’ touch” In our branch situated at 5, 2nd street La Rochelle JHB South Africa. As you can see in the pictures all those who participated in this campaign were happy and blessed, God worked wonderful miracles in the lives of those who came to experience His power. A lady who came from Soweto, named Pinky received the power of God in her life during the prayers for the miracles, she had breast cancer abnormal cells that were causing her left breast to discharge  uncontrollable and she was a person who likes doing exercise like walking and running but because of her knees failure she became unable to exercise, then it was in that service that she received her miracle and started running even in the church corridor. 

On August  14 2011 the church of  God was once more revived with power of God in the great campaign “ The day of Decision”, there were prayers, praises and worships, preaching, miracles, people dicided to surrender their life completely to God, 3 of them as you see in the photo confessing the Lord Jesus as the Lord of their life that day. And there was ayoung lady who came for the first time to the church, she was sufferring with ulcer for 3 years, she’ s being taking medicines and tablets, but they never helped her and she was also 2 weeks without food because of her sickness. On the day before her next consultation with the doctor she came to the campaign, there Jesus removed the ulcer and immediately she was eating and drinking normally.
Many others were also healed and glorified the name of God. 
All the Glory to God.

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2 comentários:

Edileuza Freitas disse...

Que benção, mas eu não estava mais ai. Estou com saudades dos cultos abençados por Deus e ministrados pelo Pastor Izaias dos Santos, Deus abençõe todos os irmãos da Africa do Sul.

Missao do Milenio disse...

Paz... Deus esta abencoando. Gloria Deus.